Excimer 20-Watt 222nm Far UVC Light Bulb Requires Band-Pass Filtering For AP-UVGI (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) Applications.

QuantaLamp 20-Watt Far UVC Excimer Bulb 222nm First-UVC F-Series First UVC 20w Far-UV Light 24V DC

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Quanta Products using QuantaLamp F28-20W DC24V 20-Watt Far UVC Excimer Bulb:

QuantaGuard:  State-of-the-art 20W Filtered 222nm FAR UVC Excimer Lamp 24V DC

QuantaModule:  FarUV Lighting Open Source DC 24V 20-Watt Far-UVC Light Kit with 222nm Bandpass Flitter and Housing

Far-UVC 20w QuantaLamps should always be used in combination with other measures, like wearing face masks, distancing, and washing hands to limit bio-agent viruses’ transmission.

One way 20-watts of FarUVC 222 nm light is produced is by using Ø28*120mm high-frequency discharge excimer lamps filled with a noble gas molecule mixture krypton (Kr) and normally less than 3% chloride (Cl) gas. These Kr/Cl emissions peaks of 222 nm from excimer lamps eliminate the use of hazardous materials such as mercury.

This QuantaLamp 20-Watt Far-UVC Light provides the exact excimer lamp Far-UVC-light peak wavelengths necessary for AP-UVGI (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) FarUV lighting applications, using a narrow frequency band of EMR (Electro-magnetic Radiation) found to be human-safe at 222nm wavelengths in a narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum referred to as Far-UVC light, which is generated by exciting KrCl molecules inside this QuantaLamp 20-Watt excimer Far-UV light bulb.

While UVGI dates back over 100 years, AP-UVGI is only starting to get noticed now, thanks to collaborated efforts spanning the last two decades from people worldwide.

The first breakthrough study into the effect of radiation from FAR-UV KrCl 222nm light and KrBr 207nm Far-UVC excimers were first used on microorganisms and chemical particles at Tomsk State University – at the Department of Cytology and Genetics – at the beginning of 2000. Thanks to these studies, it was found that, in terms of 222nm Far-UVC light technical parameters, 222nm excilamps are a very effective system for carrying out far-ultraviolet-c inactivation of viruses bacteria, and pathogens. Dr. Eduard Sosnin supervised the research from the Faculty of Physics of Tomsk State University in Russia.

Human Safety Confirmation of AP-UVGI Wavelengths

David Brenner directs the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University, Irving Medical Center in New York City.  For nearly a decade, Dr. Brenner and his team have been developing the use of filtered 222nm Far-UVC irradiation from excilamps. At the proper distance, and when 222 nm band-pass filters are in place, these 20W Far-UVC lights can safely neutralize bacteria, bacterial spores, molds, yeasts, and viruses—including SARS-CoV-2 in areas with active personnel inside a Far-UVC light disinfection zone.

David Brenner leads the charge for change on a personal note, having lost a friend to preventable infection, putting the stamp of approval on filtered versions of excimer lamps emitting between 207nm and 222nm far-UVC light as safe for deployment in spaces occupied by Active Personnel inside areas undergoing the UVGI decontamination process.

Far-UVC Excimer 20-Watt QuantaLamp 222 nm Far UVC Light Bulbs Require Band-Pass Filtering For AP-UVGI (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) Applications.

Buy this Excimer 20-watt 222nm Far-UVC light for sale from a genuine ISO9001 Far-UVC Light Manufacturer  (Quality Management System) delivered by the Agency for International Standardization.

These 20-Watt 222nm Far-UVC light excilamps or Excimer 20-Watt lamps can be safely used and integrated with 222nm band-pass filters into overhead lamps for occupied spaces in hospitals and buses, airplanes, trains, schools, restaurants, offices, theatres, gyms, anywhere that people gather indoors.


Input Voltage(V):DC 24V
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):5000
Support Dimmer: No
Lighting solutions service:222nm Far Uvc Disinfection
Lifespan (hours):4000
Application: Home,  Hotel, Office, Retail spaces, Occupied areas, General areas, Restaurants, Hospital,  Commercial locations, Airport, School
Power Supply: DC
Portable: No
Light Source: Quartz Tube
UV Optiical Power(μW/cm2):5000
Application Area(㎡):30
Switch Mode: Manual Button
Rated Power:20W
UV Wavelength: FAR-UVC 222nm
Input Voltage: DC24V
Safety Requirement: Mercury Free
Material: Quartz Glass
Operating Temperature Range:-20℃ to +50℃
Warranty:12 months
Life Span:4000+
Beam Angle:360degree

F28-20W DC24V