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Excimer 222 nm Far-UVC Light Bulbs Require Band-Pass Filtering For AP-UVGI (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) Applications! 

Filtered Far-UVC Excimer QuantaBulbs should always be used in combination with other measures, like wearing face masks, distancing, and washing hands, to limit virus transmission.

One way to create Far–UVC 222 nm light is producing it by using high-frequency discharge excimer lamps filled with a noble gas molecule mixture krypton (Kr) and normally less than 3% chloride (Cl) gas. These Kr/Cl emissions peaks of 222 nm from excimer lamps eliminate the use of hazardous materials such as mercury and allow for near full power operation in only seconds, as compared to minutes with legacy UVGI mercury vapor lamps.

Excited noble gas Far-UVC Light provides the exact excimer lamp Far-UVC-light peak wavelengths necessary for AP-UVGI (Active Personnel Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) FarUV lighting applications, using a very narrow frequency band of EMR (Electro-magnetic Radiation) found to be human-safe at between 207nm and 222nm wavelengths in a narrow band part of the electromagnetic spectrum referred to as Far-UVC light, which is generated by exciting KrCl molecules inside various power and wattage excimer Far-UVC light bulbs.

Find the 222nm Far-UVC light that is right for you!

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